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Blisters or air bubbles

Small blisters caused by the deformation of the painted surface. This is due to trapped moist air escaping after the outside layer of paint has dried.

Blisters or air bubbles Blisters or air bubbles
Blisters or air bubbles
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  • Paint shaken too much before application.
  • Water or condensation on the surface to be painted due to temperature changes.
  • Water in the compressed air.
  • Incorrect regulation of the spray equipment.


  • Leave the paint to rest for the specifi ed period of time after shaking and before application.
  • Make sure the temperature of the surface to be painted is the same as the ambient area to avoid condensation.
  • Use air fi lters and dryers, and leak regularly the air compressor equipment.
  • Adjust and regulate the application equipment and use paint defoamer.