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Sagging or running of the paint when applied on vertical surfaces.

Sagging Sagging
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  • Too low viscosity due to an excess of solvent.
  • Too thick layer. Specially when brushing.
  • Use of heavy solvents.
  • Low ambient temperature.
  • Incorrectly adjusted spray equipment, eg, low air pressure, fl owrate too high or incorrect distance from the surface.
  • Evaporation time between coats too short.


  • Reduce the dilution rate of the paint.
  • This will increase the viscosity.
  • Apply several lighter coats.
  • Use lighter solvents.
  • Slightly increase the temperature of the paint. Increase the room temperature.
  • Properly adjust the spray equipment.
  • Increase the air pressure, reduce the flowrate of the product and increase the application distance from the substrate.
  • Allow the correct drying times between layers following the technical data sheet and according to the application temperature.