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Sanding marks

Visible lines or marks in the paint fi lm that follow the direction of the sanding process.

Sanding marks Sanding marks
Sanding marks
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  • Insuffi cient dry/cure of undercoats before sanding and topcoating.
  • Incorrect selection of the sanding orbit.
  • Inapropiate choice of grit sandpaper.
  • Paint layer too thin to cover and fi ll the sanding marks.
  • Inadequate preparation of previous layers of paint.


  • Follow the drying times as stated in the data sheet before sanding.
  • Depending on the coat that needs sanding, choose the correct orbit for the sander. Use small orbits for fi nishing coats.
  • Choose the correct grit sandpaper, taking into account the thickness of the paint that needs sanding.
  • Sand the surface with the aim of applying only enough paint to cover or fi ll the marks.