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Orange peel or uneveness

Surface showing an uneveness texture due to lack of streching or levelling, that resembles the skin of an orange.

Orange peel or uneveness Orange peel or uneveness
Orange peel or uneveness
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  • Too high viscosity of application.
  • Incorrect adjustment of the spray gun, excessive fl owrate of the paint and low atomization pressure.
  • Solvents evaporating too quickly.
  • Base layers insuffi ciently dry.
  • Too much product used when spraying or incorrect position when applying the paint, ie too close.
  • Insufficient preparation or sanding of the previous coats.


  • Reduce the viscosity and increase the dilution rate.
  • Properly adjust and regulate the spray equipment (pressure, flow and geometry of spray pattern).
  • Use alternative solvents according to the temperature or environmental conditions.
  • Leave the previous coats to dry properly.
  • Adjust the ratio between the flowrate and speed of the application with the correct distance of application.
  • Prepare and sand the previous layers properly.