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Innovative solutions

Since its establishment, Bernardo Ecenarro, S.A. has focused on Research & Innovation. The company has a highly qualified team who can offer a solution to every problem.

Our technical staff use the most modern tools at their disposal to reach the Technical Department's primary goals:

  • Strict control of finished products

    Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, our laboratories guarantee top quality products and services.

  • Ambitious R&D+i Department

    Capable of developing the latest technology in water- and VOC-based products.

  • Innovative, tailor-made solutions

    When customers ask us to provide them with solutions to their problems or projects, our R&D+i team invest time and effort to find the best possible solution.

Ura line - waterbased

At BESA, we are making a strong bet on the future, developing green, sustainable products. For over a decade now, we have been doing research and developing the URA range of water-soluble paints by Bernardo Ecenarro. We have a team of researchers who are devoted to the development of new water-based products and solutions that meet our customers' needs.

The formula for protecting the environment is provided by nature itself

  • Safer

    Water-soluble paints are safer for workers because they are non-flammable and very low in toxic chemicals. Therefore, they are non hazardous and can be stored safely.

  • Thinned down with water

    A large part of water-soluble paints is water. This is why they are thinned down with water while retaining high quality, saving money on paint thinner.

  • More ecological

    Water-based paints are a major step forward in reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, as they have a lower solvent content. Therefore, they are much more natural and ecological.

Multiple applications

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Waterbased paints are safe, reliable and effective, and can be used in a great many industrial areas.

  • Car parts: seats, wheels, radiators, shock absorbers, windscreen wipers, brakes, ball-and-socket joints.
  • Electric devices: transformers, electricity boxes.
  • Cast iron: boilers, cases, parts.
  • Machinery: public work machinery, machine-tools, farming machinery, compressors.
  • Metal furniture: metal shelving, office furniture.
  • Construction: metal structures, metal scaffolding, lifts, swinging doors, valves, heating radiators, containers, cranes.
  • Electrical appliances: compressors, evaporators, condensers.

  • FROSIO - Qualified Technical staff

At BESA, we are offering our customers a new service in the field of industrial paints.
Now BESA has among its technical staff FROSIO level III inspectors. They are experienced, qualified professionals in the industrial paint sector, offering our customers the possibility to perform FROSIO inspections with the necessary control equipment.

New frosio inspection service, to certify the preparation of the surface and application of the painting systems

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FROSIO has achieved international recognition as a certifying body for surface treatment and paint system inspectors. The organisation drafts quality standards and designs inspector courses in surface protection against corrosion and related areas. www.frosio.no.

For further information on FROSIO inspections provided by BESA, please contact us.

  • Low VOC products

At BESA, we manufacture environment friendly products that comply with VOC product regulations. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are chemical compounds that have a high vapour pressure and can be dangerous to human health or cause harm to the environment.

In the European Union, legislation has been passed on VOC sources and emissions that is currently in force in all member states.

  • (VOC) Emissions RD227/2006, European Directive 2004/42/EC limiting the VOC content in Decorative Paints and Varnishes, and Vehicle Refinishing Products

    It deals with the limitation of emissions of VOCs due to the use of organic solvents in certain paints and varnishes and vehicle refinishing products.

  • (VOC) Emissions RD117/2003, European Directive 1993/13/EC, on Installations

    TIt deals with the limitation of emissions of VOCs due to the use of organic solvents in certain activities.

¿What products does it cover*?

* All the products covered by Directive 2004/42/EC

It covers building coatings, metalwork, woodwork, decorative elements, structures used for decorative, functional or protection purposes.

Also rcoatings for road vehicles or parts of vehicles for repair, maintenance or decoration of vehicles outside manufacturing plants.