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Guide to industrial painting

Substrate corrosion

Corrosion of the substrate caused by humidity. This creates an electrochemical reaction of the metal with the oxygen which produces rust blisters or fading in the painted surface.

Substrate corrosion Substrate corrosion
Substrate corrosion
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  • Untreated corrosion or poor cleaning of the substrate.
  • Exposure of the substrate to corrosive environments ie, salt etc.
  • Substrate exposed for too long after cleaning and before re-painting.
  • Poor pre-treatment of the substrate.


  • Remove all traces of corrosion and make sure the substrate is clean.
  • Avoid leaving the substrate outdoors without protecting it from corrosive atmospheres.
  • Minimise the time that the substrate is unprotected before priming and further treatment.
  • Use the correct pre-treatment, depending on the type and use of substrate.