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  • Bernardo Ecenarro S.A. inaugurates BESA CAM

    Noticias 26-06-2017

    Bernardo Ecenarro S.A., proving its commitment to the Latin American market, has created BESA CAM (BESA Central America), with the aim to provide logistical, technical and commercial support to the Central American, Caribbean and North American markets.

    The new company is located in Costa Rica, a key logistics point to supply these markets from a central position. It has a warehouse in a free trade zone with an extensive inventory of all products to supply these markets quickly and efficiently.

    It also has its own 500m2 Training Center fully equipped, for training customers and end users of the products.

    BESA CAM starts with a team led by Heing Rodriguez, who will provide an efficient service in the logistics, technical and commercial areas.

    The new company is operating since the beginning of June. The inauguration, held a few days ago, was attended by the main customers of the area and potential distributors, as well as the management of the company composed by Ernesto and Guillermo Ecenarro, and the Export Manager, Galder Mitxelena, accompanied by the General Manager of BESA CAM, Heing Rodriguez.

    BESA CAM is a strategic bet for the future within the growth plan that the company has been developing in recent years. The products of BESA have a great acceptance in these markets and with the opening of the new society, it is possible to attend in a more close and personalized way to all the current and future clients.