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Universal Tinting System URKI-SYSTEM

With URKI-SYSTEM you will be able to access any colour, quality or amount of product, increase work agility, and reduce costs and storage. The most complete solution on the market for the industrial paint distribution business.

URKI-SYSTEM has been conceived to meet any demand in the industrial painting sector, with the ultimate goal of bringing high added value to each application in terms of precision and colour matching.

A high quality and reliable tinting system, in constant evolution based on the latest technological developments. Through it, we apply all our knowledge to your business.

URKI-SYSTEM gives the security of providing a solution to any colour need, for any type of paint.

Why choose URKI-SYSTEM?


All colour cards in one system

Compatibility with the main colour charts, such as RAL, NCS, PANTONE. In addition, URKI-SYSTEM integrates COLOUR TRUCK, BESA's own colour chart with more than 3,500 colour formulas.

Agile response to any colour need

URKI-SYSTEM provides the possibility of obtaining any colour on any surface, by using a spectrophotometer, in a simple, efficient and agile way.

Access to more than 17,000 colour formulas

Colour management is simplified thanks to powerful software that works in the cloud, with specific functions to improve business control and traceability.

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1 urkisystem
01 Apply your custom color, 100% perfect.
2 urkisystem
02 Una respuesta adaptada a cada necesidad y contexto de aplicación
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03 An experienced technical and commercial team, capable of guiding and accompanying

Accurate and precise dosages

Simultaneous volumetric dosing machine. Specially designed to work with industrial pastes. Capacity for all the pastes of the URKI-SYSTEM system. It can even be customised to the customer's needs. The number of tanks, or their capacity, can be increased.

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Pastes always available for dosing

The shaker cabinet keeps the colouring pastes stirred. These are available for dosing, with the help of the precision weighing scale and the colour formula provided by the software

manual maquina

Perfect mix

It is a shaker for the incorporation of the colouring pastes immediately after their dosing on the converter. Allows shaking cans from 1L to 20L.

agitador giroscopico

Weighing of formulas

Precision weighing scales for formulas. Characteristics:

  • Overload protection system.
  • Highly shock-resistant cell.

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