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  • Bernardo Ecenarro S.A. launches SINNEK, its new Car Refinish brand

    Noticias 20-03-2017

    Bernardo Ecenarro S.A. launches SINNEK, a new Car Refinish brand committed to quality, efficiency, technology and color. A premium product of specialists for specialists demanding innovation, guarantee, security and the highest profitability.

    SINNEK is the result of the know-how and forward looking of the team of professionals of Bernardo Ecenarro S.A., which with this new brand aims to confirm its leadership in the market and its commitment to innovation.

    The project has been developed and manufactured in a comprehensive way in the R & D & I laboratories of the Bernardo Ecenarro SA headquarters, as well as in the new color lab in Italy, with a team of 12 highly qualified professionals with proven experience in the Automotive color sector, created exclusively for this brand.

    SINNEK has a wide range of products for the Car Refinish, highlighting among all of them the W6000 Series, a waterbased system of high coverage, quick drying, very easy application and perfect matching. A comprehensive, agile and highly efficient technological solution.


    The color chart, which initially has 4,000 colored chips and more than 32,000 formulas, has been hand-painted for a faithful reproduction of the colors, in the same conditions as a professional in his work. It is a tool in constant evolution, with the guarantee of a laboratory capable of formulating more than 1.000 colors monthly. This color chart is ordered chromatically.

    The color development is supported by a powerful spectrophotometer for an effective reproduction of any color that is present.

    Additionally, SINNEK offers the possibility of a full automatic dosing machine for the production of colors. The W6000 Series machine is very precise, and saves a lot of time in color mixing, as well as paint since it minimizes errors at the time of color making.

    The product range is completed with a range of Putties, Fillers, Clearcoats, etc., guaranteeing a perfect Car finish, excellent gloss, appearance and durability.

    The launch of SINNEK has been preceded by an expectation campaign in different communication media with a very clear message, THE FUTURE IS YELLOW, mentioning the corporate color of the SINNEK brand.

    On the www.sinnek.com website, an accessible and intuitive portal, the user will find directly and easily all the relevant information.