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Logotipo Besa


At BESA we offer solutions to our customers. We continuously invest our time and effort in the development of high quality products for specific industries.

  • Cercanía Cercanía

    Industry Metal

    We specialise in the development of tailor-made solutions to meet each customer's needs. A wide range of primers and paints for the industrial sector.

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  • vehículo industrial vehículo industrial

    Industrial Vehicle

    At BESA we have developed a system named PIP (Spanish acronym for 'Comprehensive Painting Process') that provides a comprehensive solution for all the aspects involved in vehicle fleet painting. In addition, you will find a wide range of products especially designed for industrial vehicles.

  • Resultado Vision


    A full range of products for car refinishing like fillers, glazing compounds and varnishes. All products comply with Directive 2004/42/EC and are suitable for car refinishing. Also available are accessories such as abrasive products, masks, sealers, etc.

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  • Cercanía Cercanía

    Industry Glass & Plastic

    An extended range of products for glass and plastic. The range for glass consists of adhesion promoters and gloss and matt varnishes for serigraphy offering high chemical resistance. Besides that, this line offers primers, bases and high performance varnishes, giving protective and decorative solutions for different types of pieces.

  • Cercanía Profesionalidad

    Urki System

    URKI SYSTEM is a Universal Tinting System created by Bernardo Ecenarro that offers solutions in response to market needs regarding product range, colours, speed, quantity and price. More than 12,000 colours of 70 different qualities. You can download the Urki System software.

  • urkimix urkimix


    BESA supplies Serie 500 to bodyshop and professional painters. This tintometric system was specially designed for repainting cars and uses highly concentrated colour bases that are mixed using different binders to achieve products that can be used in one or two stage systems.

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