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    Noticias 25-01-2021

    The new technical data sheets design covers the entire range of CAR line products, BESA's bodywork product range.
    The new technical data sheets design covers the entire range of CAR line products, BESA's bodywork product range.

    Aimed at offering its customers the best service, BESA has recently presented a renewed image for all the technical data sheets of the CAR line product range, which specialises in body repainting. The main purpose of this improvement is to speed up and make information consultations by professionals easier, through a much more intuitive and accessible organisation of the different information blocks of each product.

    The new technical data sheets have been translated into 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and German). A comprehensive study was carried out prior to their design, which allowed BESA to optimise the information presented, prioritising user experience at all times. From the beginning, the technical and commercial team worked with the premises of finding relevant clear and brief information quickly and making this useful solve any doubt related to the use of the product.

    The importance of using the technical data sheet in repair processes

    As has pointed out by BESA on several occasions, following the instructions in the technical data sheets provided for each product is essential for obtaining an efficient and quality repair.

    The type of part, the chosen repair process, or the room temperature are some of the aspects that will directly influence the final result. The information provided in the technical data sheets will help to control these variables, while preventing unwanted application errors. Among the information that can be found in the newly designed technical data sheets, we can highlight the compatibility between different products and the guidelines to follow for a correct application in terms of mixing ratios, dilution, configuration of the application equipment, drying times, etc.

    This product improvement is a further step in the strategy followed by BESA for some time to accompany the user, with projects such as BESA LAB, the training platform for the professional bodywork and industrial painter, or initiatives to help the sector, such as the free delivery of over 12,000 sanitising sprays to the body shops.