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Spray or aerosol machine bottling will help to optimise product consumption and reduce bottlenecks during some colour application processes.

To do this, use a spray bottling machine. This is a simple and versatile system that will allow you to quickly solve any colour need you may have.

The next post shows the steps to follow for a correct bottling process.


    Types of Spray Bottling Machines

    There are two different types of machines that can be used to bottle spray paint, depending on their mode of operation.

    One is a manual spray bottling machine, which is hydraulically operated through a lever which is placed on a side. The other is also an automatic bottling machine, which bottles spray paint by air compression.

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    Spray bottling process with an automatic machine

    This tutorial’s explanation focuses on the use of the automatic bottling machine, which will allow to simplify and speed up the bottling process.

      1. Pre-preparation of the bottling machine

      First of all, place the machine on a safe, flat and regular surface.

      Its base can be adapted for the machine to be more secured. For handling, use regulatory PPE such as protection gloves, coveralls or goggles.

      Place the compressed air line in its corresponding connector. Adjust the air pressure to 6 – 8 bar.

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      2. Components required for a 400 ml spray can

      For example, a 400 ml bottling will require the following items:
      – A 400 ml refillable spray bottle.
      – A rod.
      – A metal container.
      – A Teflon piece.

      The bottling can be carried out through the standard process, or through the clean cup system.

      The clean cup system uses a single-use plastic capsule that works as a container, and that will help prevent having to clean the metal container with every bottling made.

      The components of the clean cup system are:
      – The rod and the metal container adapted to the clean cup system.
      – The metal container and the aluminium part of the clean cup system.
      – A single-use plastic capsule.

      In this tutorial, we are going to focus on the use of the clean cup system for spray paint bottling.

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      3. Placement of the metal cylinder

      Screw the aluminium part into the rod and insert it into the upper part inside the machine.
      If you are using the clean cup system, separate the capsule’s cover without damaging the tip.

      Remove the spray button and place the metal container on the top part of the bottle.

      Insert the clean cup capsule into the metal container.

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      4. Filter the colour and pour

      Filter the paint before bottling it to remove possible impurities. Then, pour the paint.

      The clean cup capsule has two filling marks, 75 and 100 ml. For a correct bottling, the load must be 100 ml.
      Once the paint has been poured, place the plastic cap over the capsule, making sure it fits correctly.

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      5. Spray bottling

      Then, introduce the spray together with the metal container in the machine, adjusting them to the aluminium part and close the door by turning the knob.

      The bottling process will start automatically by activating the lever of the spray bottling machine. The lever will remain active for 1 or 2 seconds during the bottling process.

      Depending on the paint’s viscosity, there is the option of varying the bottling pressure beforehand.

      If you use the manual machine, the spray bottling will be done by lowering the hydraulic lever on the side. Open the door and remove the spray together with the metal container.

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      6. Cleaning process

      Finally, remove the plastic capsule from the metal container.
      To make the spray ready for use, clean the valve and internal cannula. To do this, place a second button, invert the spray and press it until only gas comes out.

      Remove this second button, and place the original from the refillable load. Then, the spray will be ready for application.

      If the bottling has been made using the standard process, clean the metal container and the Teflon part, leaving everything ready for the next bottling.

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      Knowing how to bottle paint sprays will help reduce material consumption, and solve the need to create a colour that you do not have quick and easy access to.

      Undoubtedly, the spray bottling machine will be a great ally to optimise profitability and productivity in the bodywork and paint shop.