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Comprehensive Painting Process - PIP

PIP makes the work easier of all the people involved in the painting of vehicle fleets: coachbuilders, marketing departments, vehicle owners, companies that own the image, and even the paint manufacturer, BESA.

With PIP you can come full circle, since a 3-year warranty is offered to vehicles that are painted under the conditions established in the process.

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  • Processes

To ensure paint adhesion and durability, descriptions of the processes to paint the different parts appear in the following section.

There are descriptions of the products to be used in each case, fillers, printers and finishings, as well as of the preparation and cleaning of the surface and how long you have to wait before sanding or painting.

All the products comply with the Occupational Safety and Health regulations in force and are suitable for vehicle refinishing, in accordance with Royal Decree 227/2006. The products are manufactured with the latest technologies. They have low content of VOC, which results in the highest quality finishings available.