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Paint for agricultural machinery and its different painting processes have evolved considerably over the last few years, to adapt to the agricultural sector’s demands in what regards finishing levels and qualities.

There is a growing demand for paints and coatings that can offer optimal performance in terms of anchoring, resistance and durability, in addition to aesthetics adapted to the type of machine or agricultural vehicle to repair.


    Painting agricultural machinery such as tractors, trailers, harvesters or ploughs, is a recurrent process due to the continuous exposure that these types of vehicles and tools are subjected to.

    Weather factors (cold, rain, UV rays, humidity or extreme temperatures), mechanical agents (blows, scratches, frictions) and chemicalagents (pesticides, oils, lubricants, diesel, etc.) all influence the faster and more pronounced impairment of surfaces. This makes is necessary to use a paint for agricultural machinery that adapts to the specific needs of each finish.

    Painting systems for tractors, trailers and agricultural machinery in general

    The choice of a painting system for agricultural machinery must be adapted to the type and quality of finish that you want to obtain, and also to the cost allocated for the repair and painting process.

    BESA has different painting systems, which are aimed at providing a comprehensive solution in the agricultural sector, ensuring high durability, resistance and optimal finish.

    Painting systems with two-component primers (2K)

    ▸ B-05 – Epoxy-Acrylic Shop-Primer System

    It is a system intended for painting of agricultural machinery processes that seek a quick application, excellent anticorrosive protection and adhesion of all types of metallic parts (no prior sanding required).

    • Products used:
      • F-286/2 SHOP-PRIMER EPOXY 2C: Epoxy primer provides excellent anticorrosive protection and adhesion. It is fast drying (15 minutes) and can be repainted in 30 minutes.
      • BESA-GLASS ACRYLIC ENAMEL 2C: This high-quality polyacrylic enamel stands out for its great structure, fast drying, high gloss, elasticity and weather resistance.

    ▸ B-10 Epoxy-Pur Industrial System

    The Epoxi-Pur Industrial System is a system that has been specially designed to paint trailers and semi-trailers, lorry tanks, concrete mixers, metal structures and agricultural machinery in general.

    • Products used:

    ▸ B-25 Pur Low Voc Epoxy-Acrylic System

    System used for painting agricultural machines that require high resistance to both oxidation and weathering, in addition to reduced VOC content. This system complies with the current regulations on Vehicle Repainting, according to R.D. 227/2006 (Directive 2004/42/EC) and with the limits of the Global Migration Test regarding food contact for simulants B and D2.

    ▸ B-40. Water-soluble Epoxy-Acrylic System

    Water-soluble system that provides an excellent combination of gloss, hardness and elasticity. Show good resistance to water, chemical agents and fuels, and has high outdoor resistance.

    • Products used:
      • URA-POX 028 HYDRO 2C EPOXY PRIMER: suitable primer for demanding processes in 2C systems Repainting after 2 hours with water-based or solvent-based polyurethanes.

    Painting systems with one component primers (1K)

    ▸ A-05 Industrial synthetic system

    This 1-component system provides an excellent balance between cost and finish quality. One of its main characteristics is its fast drying and high gloss due to the use of BESA-VAL.

    • Products used:
      • F-862 PRIMER FOR IRON S/R: Synthetic primer for application on farm tools and steel tools in general. Provides high coverage, with a matte appearance.
      • BESA-VAL INDUSTRIAL PAINT S/R: Its extensibility, high gloss and fast drying stand out. Suitable for painting agricultural and public works machinery, elevators, cranes, construction material, where quality and low cost are required.

    ▸ A-10 High Quality Industrial Synthetic System

    This system requires good resistance to oxidation and a great cost-finishing quality ratio. It has anISO 12944 test report.

    Direct systems

    ▸ C-05 1C Anticorrosive single layer base coat system

    Its thixotropic behaviour allows a sag-less application with high pressure equipment on parts with difficult shapes where a high thickness can be deposited. It has a semi-glossy appearance, good levelling, fast drying and direct adhesion to steel.

    ▸ C-10 Anticorrosive Single Layer Base Coat System

    This system has a semi-glossy appearance, is easy to apply and has good extensibility, filling power and fast drying. It has good resistance to weathering, water, detergents and petrol splashes.

    ▸ C-20 UHS Pur 2C Anticorrosive Single Layer Base Coat System

    Ultra-High Solid system providing great elasticity and good resistance to oxidation without the need to applying a primer to the part.

    ▸ C-20 Sistema Monocapa Anticorrosivo UHS Pur 2C

    Sistema Ultra Altos Sólidos que ofrece una gran elasticidad y una buena resistencia a la oxidación sin necesidad de ser imprimado el soporte.


    As you can see, there is a wide range of options for painting agricultural machinery and tools. The cost and quality of the finish will be the main factors to consider when choosing a paint system.

    In any case, ensuring the durability and resistance of the work tools will allow professionals greater peace of mind, focusing their efforts on maximising and making the day-to-day work profitable. Being aware of this, BESA takes special care in developing high-quality products and services to meet the painting and repainting needs of the agricultural sector.